Kinesthetic means sense of movement. Through my research, I’ve concluded that our sense of movement, and our awareness of our kinesthetic sense, is involved in everything we do and everything we learn. Learning and movement are intimately connected. When we learn, something changes, and therefore something moves or is moved. Likewise, when we experience movement, we experience change, and with awareness of that change, we learn. Teaching and learning are intimately connected as well. Teachers are in a continual process of learning and learners, whether they know it or not, are always teaching--teaching themselves and teaching their teachers. Teachers, then, are Teacher/Learners and learners are Learner/Teachers. KT/L is the term I use to express all of this.

My M.A. thesis on this is
here in full. “In Full” means that it includes all the original errors and typos, so consider yourself forewarned!