One Halloween, I went as Math.

I was working in a school at the time. I took a white tee shirt and wrote a variety of math problems in big letters and numbers all over it. It had fractions, decimals, word problems, volume and length problems, and of course good old fashioned addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Throughout the day, I got two categories of reactions to my “costume.” Some people would look at me puzzled and ask something like, “What’s with the shirt?”

An example of those in the other camp was the woman ho looked at me, shrank back suddenly and then said, “ooo, that IS scary!”

If you self-define as math-o-phobic, I would ask you to reconsider. Math is a natural thing and a fact of life, and having a good relationship with this subject, I would submit, is part of your birthright. In my experience, all of the people who self-identify as being “bad at math” are actually pretty good at several aspects of math they did not recognize, such as packing a trunk, increasing a recipe, painting a balanced painting, throwing a basketball into a hoop, decorating a room, planning a party, building a stone wall, organizing a drawer or turning clay on a wheel so that it is centered.

You probably had some unhelpful math teachers and some painful experiences associated with learning math in school. Unfortunately, our educational system has not gone far enough to insure that those days are over, and so the magical, delightful, mysterious and fun world of math continues to elude many of us, and our entire national and international economy suffers the consequences.

Over the years, I have devised a number of multi-sensory techniques to help learners of all ages restore and revive the native number sense that scientists now tell us we are all born with. Privately or in small groups, I work with individuals who have a wide variety of learning profiles, facilitating a process whereby they can reframe and rebuild their understanding of math from the ground up, creating a new, solid foundation from which to go forward in life.