I’m Susan Lowell, and for more than thirty years I’ve explored the role of the body in learning.

I work with learners of all ages to facilitate increased understanding and awareness, body/mind connections, creativity, cognitive functioning, community life, self efficacy and whole-person health & wellness. I do most of this in Washington DC, where I live.

Whether the medium is math, music, movement or one of the other subjects I like to explore and teach, the philosophy is the same: experiential opportunities offered in a supportive environment allow learners to experience success, unlocking and awakening natural curiosity and motivation. Dynamic engagement, joyful self-discovery and the states of flow and play that engender agency, learning, understanding, self-discovery and healing follow organically. Through productive action, the learner builds a bridge to the material in question.

Experiences in schools, mental health centers, health & wellness centers, business environments, and respected elder communities have afforded me opportunities to work with learners of all ages and with a wide range of physical, cognitive and psychological profiles.

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to all of the people I've had the opportunity to study under, learn with, play with, facilitate and teach, and I am grateful to all of them.